Fibromyalgia Pain Explained

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Fibromyalgia is the bodies practiced ability to feel pain really really well, much more so than a normal person. For more information, please see the article about central sensitization to pain.

At risk for developing or exacerbating your fibromyalgia?

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Are you at risk for developing or exacerbating your fibromyalgia? Could you be at risk for developing fibromyalgia? Do you already have it and have episodes where the pain seems to intensify? Approximately 6 million Americans suffer from this illness. That’s a lot of pain! Below are certain things that may lead you to develop fibromyalgia or if you have … Read More

The Effects of Gratitude

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Thank You Word Cloud

Lessen depression and increase happiness and well-being for all Utahns. Let’s face it, there are many stressors that can lead to depression for any Utahn. Smog in Davis, Weber and Cache counties can lead to depression by breathing bad air quality and by blocking sunlight. One proven method to mitigate this is by expressing gratitude. The effects of gratitude on … Read More