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Covid-19 increased sports injury risks with solo training

Many athletes, from amateurs to professionals, have adapted to more solitary trainings in recent weeks. The team at Peak Health and Wellness is prepared for an increase in sports injuries, because when you work out alone—especially if it’s new to you—there’s an inherent increase in risk of injury. When you don’t have a coach or trainer gauging your form and guiding you, or your usual gym buddy spotting you, even one small wrong movement can have serious repercussions. These problems can range from a torn ACL to a painful strain or even a stress fracture. How quickly you treat your injuries, and in what manner, makes all the difference.

Summer is here and with it comes the promise of more opportunities to take workouts outdoors. If you’re lucky enough to have a home gym (no matter the size), you’ll likely start taking your workouts outdoors whenever possible. This might mean an outdoor run as opposed to using the treadmill or dusting off the bike in the garage and taking it out over yet another session on the Peloton in the office. Outdoor workouts are great because they’re more challenging (due to ever-changing environments) and you get fresh air, but those changing environments, uneven roads, and surprise obstacles also increase your odds of injury.

Treating Sports Injuries Right

No matter the cause or type of injury, the quicker you get a correct diagnosis the better off you’ll be. Not only will you get access to pain management faster, but you’ll also increase your body’s odds of healing faster and better. Without a proper diagnosis and treatment, you might unintentionally make an injury worse. Remember that pain is usually the body’s way of telling you something’s wrong and that it needs attention. There are instances where the body goes haywire and gives you pain signals when there’s no injury or the injury has long since healed—and there are management options for this, too.

From epidural injections to ARP Wave Therapy to sympathetic blocks, the perfect pain management regimen for you should be customized by your Peak Health provider. Pain management increases your comfort and helps you ease back into your daily activities. The summer is now in full swing, and you don’t want to spend it unnecessarily suffering or prolonging your inability to play your favorite sports. If you’ve been injured working out, during a sporting event, or in any other capacity, contact Peak health and Wellness at (801) 689-3389.