Joint Injections

Joint injections are common treatments offered by Peak Health and Dr. Alex J. Nelson, MD to reduce stiffness and pain in joints caused by inflammation and irritation.

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Joint Injection Treatments

Joint pain can cause ultimately cause mobility issues and negatively affect your quality of life

There are a variety of joint injections available with varying goals and they are considered to be an option to treat pain, reduce inflammation, and diagnose conditions. Our work helps to restore movement and reduce pain to knees, shoulders, hips, ankles, and other joints in the body. Patients seek the assistance of Peak Health and Wellness to bring back function, exercise, the range of motion, and resume daily activities.

Joint injections not only provide immediate pain relief but also have anti-inflammatory properties.

An ultrasound machine is used to visualize the affected joint. After proper sterilization, a needle is placed into the joint under a live ultrasound or x-ray guidance. A steroid and local anesthetic are then injected into the joint to help decrease pain and inflammation of the joint. This outpatient procedure is attractive to many patients because it can be quickly performed in one of our three offices.

Hip joint injection

Peak Health offers many types of joint injections

Facet joint injections
Viscosupplementation injections
Corticosteroid injections
Hyaluronic acid injections
Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections (non-steroidal)
Amniotic Stem Cell Injections (non-steroidal)

Joint Injections Benefit Many Patients

Hip Joint injection from Peak health and Wellness


Joint injections are minimally invasive and safe techniques that can potentially help you avoid having to undertake surgery. Benefits include:

Near immediate pain relief versus an over the counter medication
Anti-inflammatory solutions decrease swelling
Some are long lasting, others are temporary
A great diagnostic tool for identifying the underlying source of the pain
Restore range of motion when walking, overhead movements, climbing stairs, and more
Restore function due to pain and assist with Physical Therapy
Shoulder Joint injection from Peak health and Wellness


The type of joint injection or corticosteroid injection recommended is determined by the type of chronic pain or arthritis you have, the joint that is afflicted, and how your condition affects you. Conditions vary according to pain location with the goal to inject anti-inflammatory medication directly into the joint:

Knee pain is mostly due to degeneration and arthritis
Hip pain is commonly due to degeneration and osteoarthritis
Shoulder pain is due to degeneration, rotator cuff strain, and arthritis
Shoulder Joint injection from Peak health and Wellness


Knee or shoulder osteoarthritis (OA) and degeneration
Rotator cuff syndrome
Lateral disc herniation
Ankle pain
Post-traumatic neuralgia
Intercostal neuritis
Compression of nerve in thoracic or abdominal area
Headaches and migraines
Complex regional pain syndrome type 1 (reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome)
Complex regional pain syndrome type 2 (causalgia or distinct nerve injury)
Sympathetic nerve injury
Reflex sympathetic dystrophy

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