Alarming Rise in Sports Injuries in Utah During Covid-19 Pandemic

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Sports Injuries in Utah

You might think a pandemic would decrease the number of sports injuries since teams are no longer practicing and playing like they used to, but that isn’t the case. Peak Health and Wellness has seen an increase in sports injuries since the pandemic began. This is because people are rightfully avoiding the gym, in-person coaches, and personal trainers in favor of working out by themselves at home or outdoors. One of the biggest spikes in injuries is from biking. Ankle injuries from fractures to sprains have become more common in recent months, as have wrist and elbow injuries. Many parents are also taking their kids on bike rides and that’s a great way to stay healthy and bond with family—if you’re safe.

Home gyms in Utah are also becoming more common, but without fixed-weight machines for added stability and personal trainers this can spell trouble. Bicep and tricep tears, quadricep tears, ruptures of the Achilles tendon, patellar tendon tears, and more are all on the rise. There’s also anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), posterior cruciate ligament (PCL), and medial collateral ligament (MCL) tears on the rise from weight training without proper training or supervision.

Treating Sports Injuries

It’s important to know which sports injuries require medical treatment. Any type of head injury needs immediate attention. A dislocation, even if you re-locate it yourself, should still be seen by a pain specialist since connective tissue damage might be present. You might be surprised to learn that sprains should also be medically treated. They might seem minor, but an untreated sprain can cause lifelong instability, weakness, and pain.

All Utah knee injuries should be quickly treated because pain in this joint is a big sign that something’s wrong. If you suddenly can’t fully extend your knee, if it feels swollen, or if your range of motion is limited, these are all signs of an injury. Finally, any numbness or tingling might be a sign of nerve damage and the faster you get it treated the better.

If you’re looking for best pain clinic Ogden area including Layton, Syracuse, Westpoint, Kaysville, and surrounding areas, give Peak Health and Wellness a call. The exact treatment for a sports injury is based on the injury itself and its severity. If you’ve hurt yourself while working out, call us at (801) 689-3389 to schedule a detailed evaluation and book an appointment.