Reasons for Back Pain: It Might Surprise You

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Utah Back Pain

You probably already know about the more common causes of back pain including a weak core, poor ergonomic setup, joint degeneration due to age, and posture that could use some sprucing up. At Peak Health and Wellness, Here in Utah, Alex J. Nelson, MD and his team see chronic back pain caused by a number of circumstances—and have a variety of alternative treatments to decrease pain and help patients get back to a more normal life.

Did you know that your core strengthening exercises themselves might be the source of your back pain? In recent months there has been an influx of at-home workouts using small and easy to store devices, including the ab wheel. Many users experience immediate low back pain when using this wheel, while others develop it after years of continuous use. The ab roller can be a great tool for strengthening workouts, but only if you’re properly bracing, stabilizing, and flexing the muscles throughout the entire movement. One of the most common issues is that users extend too far so that your core can’t support the weight, making the lower back do all of the work. Working on your form and increasing the amount of sets with fewer reps helps prevent back injuries.

A Rare Source of Back Pain

Back pain from workouts aren’t that unusual, but what is an anomaly is a recent case in Brazil where a man went to his doctor for back pain only to find out he had three kidneys. This is an exceptionally rare condition with less than 100 cases in medical history. It’s also rare that he didn’t find out about his spare kidney until he was 38 years old. While suffering from “severe pain,” a CT scan revealed a herniated disc—and an extra kidney.

Fortunately, he had no kidney issues and all three organs were working perfectly fine. On one side of his body, two kidneys had fused together, which most likely happened during the embryonic stage. Since so few cases of an extra kidney exist, it’s impossible to tell if it contributed to his back pain or if the pain was strictly from the “slipped” disc (which is very painful).

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