Epidurals in Utah – Not Just for pregnancy

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Epidurals in Utah

Contrary to popular belief, an epidural injection isn’t just for those in labor. Peak Health and Wellness offers epidural injections as a type of joint injection used to minimize all types of pain in the back, arms, legs, and neck. Pain in these areas is often caused by an inflamed spinal nerve, perhaps from disc herniation or spinal stenosis. A Utah epidural quickly delivers medicine to the epidural space, which is a fatty area located between the bone and the spinal nerve protective sac. Relief is immediate and can last anywhere from days to years depending on the patient. Pain relief from an epidural in Utah means a return to activities that might include physical therapy.

An epidural is a kind of steroid joint injection that uses corticosteroids and an anesthetic for numbing. A corticosteroid is a type of medication that minimizes inflammation. Ultimately, any joint injection does not actually treat the issue (such as a herniated disc), but rather removes the proteins that cause the related swelling. Any patient with pain in the back or limbs might be a good candidate for a Utah epidural. Joint injections can be particularly helpful for those with spinal stenosis, sciatica, a degenerated or herniated disc, or spondylolisthesis.

Epidural Injections Compared to Other Types of Injections

An epidural injection is a type of joint injection that is directed specifically into the epidural area. Other joint injections might be placed in other parts of the body. However, both epidurals and other types of joint injections work by numbing the area while simultaneously directing a cortisteroid into the site.

Epidural in Utah and other joint injections can also be used as a diagnostic tool. This is helpful when trying to determine if surgery is the best approach to minimizing pain or if a less invasive treatment is best. In some cases, patients may be able to have their pain treated solely through epidural injections and physical therapy. Epidurals in Utah are very quick, requiring only 5 minutes, making it a very popular option for patients. You can learn more about epidurals in Utah and joint injections by calling Peak Health and Wellness at (801) 689-3389.