Can You Get Injections in Any Joint?

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Knee Joint Injections Utah

Yes! Peak Health and Wellness offers injections in any joint of the body if a detailed evaluation with our pain specialists determines that injections might be helpful in minimizing your pain. These injections are non-surgical and minimally invasive. They’re also relatively comfortable because they involve an injection of both an anesthetic to numb the area along with a corticosteroid.

Our joints are highly mobile and made up of connective tissue and sometimes synovial fluid (in synovial joints). Some joints are naturally more mobile than others, such as our shoulder joint when compared to our elbow joint. However, because joints are inherently moving a lot and require natural lubrication to do so, they are prone to wear and tear. Connective tissue can be frayed or torn, and in time bones can begin to grind against one another. The result is joint pain, but there are many things you can do about it.

Treating Joint Pain

Oftentimes your GP will recommend physical therapy and/or pain medication for joint pain. Physical therapy can be helpful and works well with joint injections. A lot of patients understandably want to avoid or reduce medication management because joint pain is usually a chronic condition—and some pain medications can be dangerous when taken long-term. A joint injection can numb the pain to help you enjoy better range of motion and even help you with your physical therapy exercises.

Joint injections don’t “heal” a joint and they aren’t a permanent solution. They do last for several months on average, though, which can be helpful in completing physical therapy and daily tasks and hobbies. On average, undergoing a joint injection takes just 20 minutes. Your pain specialist uses a special x-ray to make sure the needle gets to the prime position. The anesthetic should provide immediate pain relief, but that is short-lived. You can expect some soreness in the few days following a joint injection, but that is followed by pain reduction for those who are good fits for joint injections.

If you’re experiencing joint pain and want to reduce or avoid medications, get in touch with Peak Health and Wellness by calling (801) 689-3389 or by using our confidential form.