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Diabetes Pain Management. Two locations in Layton and North Ogden (Farr West), Utah.

Type 1 and Type 2

Both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes are complicated diseases that often bring their friends along for the ride. You may have met them. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, neuropathy, vision problems, kidney failure, heart failure, and erectile dysfunction are a few of them. Diabetic care and diabetes management are so much more than just the number of your last A1c.

Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy

Nerve pain caused by diabetes, known as diabetic peripheral neuropathy, can be severe, persistent, and hard to treat. It affects up to 50% of older type 2 diabetic patients. The progression of diabetic neuropathy can be slowed with the proper treatment. Our goal is to prevent or delay nerve damage. But most importantly, to improve the quality of your life!

What Does Diabetic Pain Feel Like?

Diabetic neuropathy often causes tingling and numbness in your extremities like you feet, toes, hands, and fingers. Other symptoms include a sharp, burning sensation, or aching pain (diabetic nerve pain). Pain is mild at first, but it often becomes worse over time and may spread up your legs or arms.

Do you or a loved one have diabetic related pain? We can help.


Management is Key

During your initial visit, we will assess many things to help create a personalized game plan just for you.

Key components that go into managing diabetes

  • Assessing currently lifestyle
  • Cultural and socioeconomic context
  • History of depression/lack of motivation
  • Potential side effects of medications
  • Complexity of the regimen that is prescribed

We create a plan with you, not for you.

Your Peak Health provider will ask your preferences and create a plan with you, not for you. After all, you are the one that is going to be carrying out the plan. There may be some things that patients want that is not possible put in the plan for one reason or another but by working with patients, specific plans to help control diabetes are carried out with much more efficacy.

Treatment Plans can include:

  • Tricyclic agents
  • Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI)
  • Anticonvulsants
  • NMDA antagonists
  • Local anesthetics
  • Opioid medications
  • Capsaicin: Topical and Physical Treatments

We can help

Now with two pain clinics open serving Davis, Weber, Box Elder, and surrounding counties, Peak Health and Wellness is ideal for those who want a highly skilled provider to accurately diagnose your diabetes pain and tailor a treatment plan that restores your life. Contact one of our two offices to schedule a detailed evaluation today – (801) 689-3389.
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