Why Should I Go To A Pain Specialist?

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Are you in Utah and looking for pain specialist? You’ve landed at the right place.

If you’re suffering from chronic pain, it’s likely that you’ve had discussions and began treatment with your primary care physician. Numerous patients have been visiting the same primary care physician for all their adult lives and feel comfortable with them; therefore, preferring to receive every care and advice from their doctor. Other patients have cited that they would rather prefer their primary care physician to treat their chronic pain for efficiency – seeing a single doctor in a specific location aligns with their schedules.

However, if you’re suffering from chronic pain, the best thing your primary care physician can do for you is to refer you to a pain specialist. To reap every benefit of pain management, it is best to see a doctor trained in your particular type of chronic pain.

What is the Role of Pain Management Doctors?

The pain management doctors are referred to as specialists with a high level of experience and training in treating and diagnosing different types of chronic and acute pain. You may think about what pain management doctors do that is in contrast to your primary care physician, and the answer is a lot. Over the years, the field of pain management has grown and has continued to become a lot more complex, making it much more vital to work with a specialist. This is what pain management doctors do that a primary care physician may not:

  • Conduct procedures like spinal injections and nerve blocks
  • Coordinate additional care, including psychological and physical rehabilitation or therapy
  • Perform specialized test for the diagnosis of chronic pain conditions
  • Prescribe and management medications to unique conditions at varying severity levels in an appropriate manner

To be referred to a pain management specialist in Ogden, Utah, talk to your primary care physician.

How is Pain Management Beneficial?

Although your primary care physician knows a ton of physical and health issues, they haven’t received the same level of training on particular conditions that a specialist has received. In fact, only four medical schools in the entire US in 2011 included courses that specifically focused on pain as a part of the required curriculum. Consequently, a survey of 500 primary care physicians in the same year demonstrated that just 34% of the participants said they were comfortable treating patients suffering from chronic pain.

Part of what our pain management doctors do after medical school comprises completing additional residencies, internships, and fellowship training specific to chronic pain treatment. This extra treatment not just increases their knowledge of chronic pain itself, but also the interventional procedures that may help reduce suffering and increase the quality of life. The fundamental benefits of seeing a pain management specialist consists of:

  • The ability to manage and prescribe the types of medication that may help in suppressing chronic pain
  • Access to treatment options and specialty equipment that is highly focused on certain types of chronic pain
  • Extensive training and experience in pain management 

The main advantage of Peak Health & Wellness – one of the best pain management clinics in Utah, is that our specialists will work with you. This ensure you have a tailored treatment plan for your unique condition and severity level. Our approach is to use minimally invasive and most innovative methods the industry has to offer. To schedule an appointment, contact us now.