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Pain Relief Procedure

If you have tried for years to alleviate pain in your back, neck, nerves, and joints, it’s time for a long-term solution. Medications don’t work because they don’t treat the root cause of the pain. Surgery is very risky and can hurt you more than it can help you. We invite you to learn about Alex J. Nelson, MD and other providers including Alex J. Nelson, MD, and our team of Nurse Practitioners.

Alex J. Nelson, MD founded Peak Health and Wellness to help patients live a pain-free life and experience innovative methods to manage their pain rather than simply turn to painkillers. He is double certified as an interventional pain management expert and an anesthesiologist. Peak Health and Wellness has three locations – one in Layton, one in North Ogden, and our newest pain clinic in Providence, Utah to serve you. While Integrated Pain Consultants was formed by Dr. Seth, he has a team of pain management professionals in his office who provide patients with top-notch care.


The goal is to help you achieve relief from pain without surgery. While Dr. Seth does offer a couple of surgical procedures, most treatment options are minimally invasive. He offers cutting-edge treatment options such as joint injectionsEpidural steroid injections, trigger point injections, and radiofrequency ablation.


We accept most insurance plans, including private commercial insurance and government plans. We will help you understand your benefits. If we are outside of your plan’s network, we can work with you to create an affordable payment plan.

Get Pain Relief from Utah’s Peak Health and Wellness

Board certified pain management experts at Peak Health and Wellness don’t just treat the pain – they look for the root cause so you can eliminate it for good. They truly care about their Utah patients and do not believe in the “one-size-fits-all” approach. If you desire pain relief in a comfortable and friendly environment, consider the services of Peak Health and WellnessBook your appointment onlinetoday –  (801) 689-3389.