What’s the difference between a pain doctor and a regular doctor?

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Whats the difference between a pain doctor and a regular doctor

At Peak Health and Wellness, Alex J. Nelson, MD is much more than a physician—he’s a pain specialist. However, most people outside of the medical field understandably don’t know the difference. A pain specialist is a doctor who has had additional, special, ongoing training and education relating to the diagnosis and treatment of various types of pain. “Pain” can be used to refer to a lot of things, including acute and chronic pain. A lot of people think all physicians have had plenty of training in treating pain (considering that’s often why people go to the doctor), but it’s a specialty. If you’re in pain, you deserve to see a physician who specializes in treating it.


The field of medicine is always getting more comprehensive, so it makes sense that different physicians pursue specialized knowledge and training to treat key conditions. Fully understanding the physiology of pain leads to them getting the best evaluation and treatment options. From proper diagnosis to being able to offer a wide variety of treatments beyond surgery and pain medication, only a pain specialist in Layton, North Ogden, or Providence can give you all of the information and options you deserve. For example, a “regular” physician likely isn’t able to offer spinal injections, nerve blocks, and PRP injections. However, one of these alternative treatments might be the best approach for you.

When you’re looking for a pain specialist in Utah, it’s important to find someone with the training and expertise necessary to treat your pain. Understanding the pain specialist’s background and certification is a great first step. Alex J. Nelson, MD and his team of providers has undergone the most comprehensive, intensive pain management training and is committed to offering the most diverse array of treatment plans available. He’s always researching and adopting the latest proven techniques, such as manipulation under anesthesia (MUA), to give patients the outcomes they deserve.

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