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Utah Suboxone Therapy is now available at Peak Health and Wellness under the guidance of Alex J. Nelson, MD and his team of providers. The combination of buprenorphine and naloxone effectively treats opiate addiction by offering a type of opioid with an opioid effect blocker (including the common effect of pain relief). When used correctly under the management of a pain specialist, Utah Suboxone Therapy can slowly and safely wean a person from addiction.


Only certain patients are a good fit for Suboxone Therapy in Utah. Certain medications and conditions can interfere with this therapy, including medications for depression or migraines along with liver or kidney disease. Be sure to tell your doctor about any conditions during your consultation. It is very dangerous to drink alcohol while taking Suboxone Therapy, so alcoholism in conjunction with Suboxone Therapy should be avoided or very carefully managed. Women who are pregnant should also avoid Suboxone Therapy.

However, many patients are great candidates for Utah Suboxone Therapy. If you have or suspect you have, a dependency on opioids or opiates, Suboxone can be a fantastic tool to address addiction. Undergoing Suboxone Therapy requires a collaborative approach with your pain management doctor. Taking the correct amount in the right way at the right time is the key to a safe, successful plan.

Like any medication, there are some potential side effects to Utah Suboxone Therapy. Immediately seek medical help if you notice hives, breathing troubles, confusion or weakness, blurred vision, vomiting, jaundice, or swelling in the face or neck. Stopping Suboxone Therapy without guidance from your doctor or doubling doses if you miss one can be very dangerous. You may experience withdrawal or overdose symptoms similar to opioid withdrawals or overdoses.

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Opioid addiction is very common in the U.S., but you have options. Peak Health and Wellness Suboxone Therapy can be extremely effective for many patients. If you want help with your opioid addiction, contact Peak Health and Wellness at (801) 689-3389.