7 Signs It’s Time to See a Pain Management Specialist

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Has a demanding gym session left you unbelievably sore? Does your chilly winter commute make your fingers ache? You’re not alone.

Most of us experience some pain over the day- whether it’s a nasty headache, a stitch in the ribs, or a throbbing in the lower back. Often, these aches go away in due course of time. But when they fail to stop bothering you, you may be dealing with chronic pain.

By definition, chronic pain is any spasm, sting, or discomfort that lasts more than 12 weeks. It may be caused by an injury, a medical condition, or stress. Between 11% and 40% of U.S. adults suffer from chronic pain.

Pain experienced regularly is usually deep-rooted in more serious conditions, meaning the sooner they’re treated, the better. So, what do you do?

Talk to a pain management specialist, of course!

When You Need Pain Management Specialist?

If you’re in pain but are unsure about seeking medical help, you’ve come to the right place. Check out the seven common signs that it’s time to ditch regular medication and consult a pain management doctor.

1. You’re Struggling with Everyday Chores

Your day-to-day can be stressful enough, so pain brought on by simple tasks like reaching for a high cabinet shouldn’t aggravate it. Although it’s not uncommon for an injury to flare up now and then, any aches and pains that last for an extended period should set off warning bells in your head.

Chronic pain can take a severe toll on the quality of your life. Hence, it’s best to see a pain management specialist in advance. They can pinpoint the cause and find a solution, so you can resume your routine again.

2. Your Pain is Radiating

Once the pain you’re experiencing begins to radiate through a particular part of your body, it’s time to see a pain management specialist.

That said, radiation isn’t the only sign to watch out for in this regard. Numbness and tingling can also point towards potentially serious issues- like pinched nerves and slipped discs- that must be addressed without delay. Your pain management doctor will assess your condition and develop a treatment plan to ease your discomfort.

3. You’re Not Sleeping Well

Everyone has a different pain threshold. However, if your pain keeps you from getting a good night’s sleep, we recommend you contact a pain management specialist without delay. 

A lack of proper sleep can put your overall health at risk. Without it, you might:

  • Get too drowsy to drive safely.
  • Experience weight gain.
  • Compromise your immune system.
  • Struggle to concentrate.
  • Develop memory issues.
  • Spike your risk of heart disease or diabetes.
  • Experience mood swings.
  • Develop high blood pressure. 

Let your doctor know if your symptoms are impacting your ability to sleep. They can suggest various pain management techniques to help you rest better.

4. You Have a Past Injury

It’s natural to expect some pain after an injury, especially if it’s as grave as a broken or dislocated bone. Although most wounds stop hurting in a few weeks or months, some may cause you pain long after. This is usually the case with injuries that haven’t healed properly, or where the tissue has been damaged.

In some instances, the chronic pain may stem from muscle tension or issues with the body’s nervous system. Whatever the case, talking to a pain management specialist in time can help you recover from your past injuries and lead a quality life.

5. Over-the-Counter Medication Isn’t Working Anymore

While pain relievers work in small quantities, they won’t solve the root of your chronic pain. Instead, you’ll probably end up delaying the recovery process. 

Furthermore, you may notice your over-the-counter medication becoming less effective over time. Increasing the dosage can work- but this is a slippery slope. An over-dependence on pain medication can cause irreversible damage to your body and even foster an addiction.

Don’t just rely on OTC medicines to deal with chronic pain. Consult a reputable pain management specialist to reduce your need for painkillers and live a pain-free life faster.

6. You’re Unable to Participate in Day-to-Day Activities

Does getting out of bed bring you to tears? Has it been ages since you played a sport? Stopping your favorite activities can take a heavy toll on your physical and mental well-being. The last thing you want is for your mental health to worsen your chronic pain condition.

In case you’re struggling to get back in the game, the pain experts at Peak Health & Wellness can help diagnose the problem and get you moving again. We offer a comprehensive range of pain relief treatment options, including minimally invasive procedures for neck/back pain and other chronic pain conditions.

7. You Experience Pain with Motion

Certain movements can make your pain worse. If your aches ramp up every time you engage in physical activity, schedule an appointment with a board-certified pain management specialist immediately.

Moreover, make note of which pastimes intensify your pain. Where do you feel it? Is it localized or causing a numbing sensation? Tracking your symptoms can help you better communicate your condition during the first doctor’s visit. 

Understanding why you’re in pain can also help you find the best specialist in the area. Be sure to look for someone who is experienced, sensible, and prepared to offer the assistance you need.

The Bottom Line

Chronic pain can sneak up on you. But you don’t have to let it slow you down. Instead, keep an eye out for these seven signs. If any of these ring a bell, schedule your appointment with a pain management specialist right away. They can help you start a treatment course designed to keep your pain at bay.

At Peak Health & Wellness, our pain management doctors take a compassionate and customized approach to patient care. Our multidisciplinary approach to pain management provides comprehensive treatment options to patients suffering from chronic pain. We’ll listen to your concerns and tailor a treatment plan to your unique needs. For more information, get in touch with us today!