10 Signs Your Loved One Needs Drug Addiction Treatment

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Drug addiction can be challenging as it affects not just the user, but also the people around them. It has the potential to cause friction in families, destroy relationships, and hamper work and education. 

It’s natural to feel frustrated and helpless if your family member is addicted to drugs. But it’s important to keep the faith and help them fight their condition. 

The good news is, drug addiction can be treated. Addiction recovery is possible for anyone. Rehabilitation for drug addiction can be highly effective in drug addiction treatment, and help change the fate of your family. 

Symptoms of addiction can vary from person to person. An addiction recovery center will administer treatment accordingly. However, the tell-tale signs of drug addiction remain the same throughout. 

If you suspect your loved one is addicted to drugs, watch out for the following signs to get them timely drug addiction treatment.

10 Signs Someone Needs Addiction Treatment

1. Sudden Severe Weight Loss or Gain

Different kinds of drugs have different effects on the human body. Some may leave the user with pale skin, while others may give them bloodshot eyes. 

Similarly, some drugs are directly connected to our appetite and metabolism. Hence, someone struggling with drug addiction may experience extreme weight fluctuations.  

Apart from drug addiction, eating disorders can also cause severe weight loss or gain. Getting a dual diagnosis can help you get to the root cause. Seek addiction treatment immediately if drugs are found to be involved.

2. Change in Behavior and Appearance

People suffering from drug addiction often display sudden changes in their attitude towards others. They might also change their way of living as well as dressing. 

Their behavior may become more aggressive and impatient. They might also suddenly stop hanging out with their friends and prefer to be in the company of people who can provide them with easy access to drugs. 

In general, drug addiction forces individuals to view life differently, in turn causing them to change the way they live. Timely drug addiction treatment is the key to bringing them back on track.

3. Mood Swings

Drug addiction can bring about significant changes in the abuser’s mood. This is usually a result of a psychiatric disorder that’s directly linked to the use of drugs. 

Some drugs have the power to activate different emotions among users, making them highly susceptible to experiencing mood swings. You may consult the trained team at an addiction recovery center for help in this regard.

4. Lowered Energy Levels

Drug addiction can greatly influence the energy levels of the abuser. Depending on the drug being abused, the individual can display either an intense amount of energy or melancholy and depression along with drowsiness. Abusing prescription sedatives or depressants can also lead to irregular or excessive sleep patterns. 

Getting professional drug addiction treatment at an addiction recovery center can go a long way in enabling detoxification of the body and achieving a healthy balance.

5. Sudden Lack of Interest in Hobbies

When someone abuses drugs, they tend to spend a big part of their day reeling under the aftereffects. This leaves them with little or no time to partake in the hobbies and general activities they once enjoyed. 

If you find your loved one consistently hasn’t been participating in the activities they normally would have, they may be struggling with drug addiction. Immediate addiction treatment may become necessary. 

6. Difficulty in Prioritizing

Drug addiction makes individuals lose their sense of rational thinking and prioritize what was once important to them. This includes going to school or work, meeting deadlines, finishing chores, and so on. 

If your loved one, who would normally act and think responsibly, starts to consistently fail to meet obligations, it could be because they’re entrapped by drug addiction. They may no longer care about their responsibilities. 

Getting help at an addiction recovery center can go a long way in enabling them to beat their addiction and put things back in perspective. 

7. Memory Loss

Forgetting to fulfill obligations is only one part of the puzzle. When someone is addicted to drugs, they may experience memory loss to a greater degree than you’d expect. 

For instance, they may have trouble recalling significant events and good times from their own life. This can cause them to stop participating in conversations altogether. 

The fact is, heavy drug abuse also causes blackouts. As the individual experiences more blackouts, they’ll suffer from more long-term memory loss.  

To put it simply, many illicit drugs directly affect the human brain, which can have temporary and permanent damaging effects. can help empower them to choose their health over drugs. 

8. Changes in Relationships with Family and Friends

As mentioned, drug addiction affects not only the abuser but also their friends and family. If your loved one is suffering from drug addiction, their relationship with you (and others around them) has likely changed over time. Some common relational signs they may display include:

  • Isolating themselves
  • Getting violent during arguments
  • Feeling provoked by normal interactions
  • Distancing themselves from close relationships
  • Asking for money frequently
  • Experiencing difficulty in holding conversations

Rehabilitation for drug addiction is key to resolving these issues and improving interpersonal relationships. 

9. Stealing

If you notice money or items of value suddenly disappearing around the house, chances are your loved one’s addiction is forcing them to steal to afford their next high. 

This makes it all the more important for you to proactively look for signs they may be unintentionally displaying. Addiction treatment can be effective in helping the addict come to terms with their condition and realize their potential for improvement. 

10. Concealing Information

Individuals suffering from addiction don’t hesitate to lie to keep themselves from admitting their dependence on substances. They’ll keep it a secret, behave unusually, and avoid questions for as long as they can. 

Measures that enable addiction recovery are the only way to go in such cases. Drug addiction treatment will help your loved one acknowledge their problem and work on themselves to get better. 

Seek Addiction Treatment at Peak Health and Wellness

Have you noticed any of the above-mentioned signs and symptoms of drug addiction in your loved one? There’s a chance that they’re struggling internally. You can extend your support by enrolling them in an effective rehabilitation program at a Utah addiction recovery center. 

If you have any questions about drug addiction treatment, feel free to contact Peak Health and Wellness. We’re happy to answer your queries while maintaining complete confidentiality. 

Peak Health and Wellness offers compassionate and responsible outpatient rehabilitation for drug addiction. Help your loved one take their first step towards addiction recovery by calling (801) 689-3389, or fill out our online form to get in touch with us!